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Dr. Burchhardt is simply the best! She has terrific bedside manner, listens to your wants and concerns, and gives feedback on realistic outcomes. I had a forehead lift and deep plane facelift. As a surgeon she is top notch! I would highly recommend this highly intelligent and talented doctor to anyone!


Dr. Burchhardt is AMAZING!! I loved the results each time when I had botox and fillers done. They always looked so natural and king lasting. She is such a pleasure, and would highly recommend her.


I had the pleasure of having my rhinoplasty done by Dr. Burchhardt. She was very thorough with my questions and concerns prior to the procedure. Amazing bedside manner, she even popped in before my anesthesia to discuss the game plan and gave me reassurance. I had to have some bones broken on my nose bridge and had little to no bruising by following her care plan. Wonderful plastic surgeon, highly recommend!


Dr. Burchhardt did my bilateral upper blepharoplasty and fat transfer in October 2023. I am so satisfied with my results and with Dr. Burchhardt’s hard work. She really listened to me and took in consideration what my concerns were, and I …


Dr. Burchhardt is excellent. She made sure I was informed about my procedure and listened to my expectations. She was able to give recommendations and gave me the exact result I wanted. She made me feel comfortable during the procedure and made herself available afterwards to contact about questions or concerns after. I highly recommend her!


Dr. Burchhardt is great to work with. In addition to her strong professional acumen, she is very personable and transparent when making procedural decisions.


Dr. Burchhardt is truly amazing and professional. She literally brought me back to life. She went above and beyond to make sure that I’m feeling well and provided excellent service. So happy that I found her!


Dr. B is everything you want in a doctor: dedicated, patient, caring, and thorough! Trust me when I say you are in GREAT hands with her!


Dr. Burchhardt is amazing! She is so calming, knowledgeable, and skilled at what she does. I have never been able to breathe better in my life and I owe that to her! Dr. Burchhardt values her patients, and takes the time to answer any questions and concerns in a way that makes you feel so comfortable. She is awesome!


I had two cancer spots on my face that had to be removed. One was on the side of my nose close to my eye and had to be cut deeper 3x before it was clear! Dr. Burchhardt had to cut under the eye and down my nose to pull the skin together. The before and after shots are truly amazing! I looked like I went through a windshield at FIRST ….. but it healed so well …now you can’t even find the scar!👍 She is excellent and I am very grateful she was my surgeon!


Dr. Burchhardt is an exceptional Physician and Surgeon! As she continues to monitor my progress, I am extremely pleased with her work! Dr. Burchhardt is a dedicated professional who cares about her patients. She is a wonderful addition to The Woodruff Institute and our community!


Dr. Burchhardt did an excellent job on the tip of my nose doing plastic surgery after Mohs surgery. Barely 5 months later you can barely see a scar on my nose. She took skin from near my ear and you can’t tell that at all. She is very kind and does a great job!


Dr. Burchhardt did a beautiful job on my cheek following a Mohs incision has healed nicely and 3 weeks out, there is barely a sign of anything. I am very happy and would recommend Dr. Burchhardt without hesitation.


Dr. Burchhardt recently closed up an open wound on my forehead after MOHS surgery. The results are looking great. She and her team are very professional and I am very appreciative.


Dr. Burchhardt did a great job closing after my Mohs surgery on my cheek! I’m having excellent results with my incision site due to her diligence and expertise. I couldn’t be happier!!


Dr. Daniela Burchhardt and the Woodruff Institute are the best! … I highly recommend her.


Dr. Burchhardt’s work exceeded my expectations! I feel extremely blessed to have crossed paths with her and highly recommend her.


… I very much appreciate her expertise and careful consideration of my current medical situation. She is thorough, informative, compassionate, and I am confident in the course of the medical treatment selected and in her ability. I cannot thank Dr. Burchhardt enough for the excellent care she provides me each and every time I come to her facility!! Words cannot describe how grateful I am for you. Thank you for taking such great care of me. You have a special gift as a surgeon and as a person. Thank you for giving me my life back


I don't know what I can say about Dr. Burchhardt that hasn't already been said, but I feel so good about her care that I want to share my own story. From the moment I met Dr. Burchhardt, I felt comfortable and knew I was in good hands. In the month since my sinus surgery, I feel so much better that it's almost hard to find the words. I can breathe in a way that I didn't even know was possible. I've slept better, felt more rested, had less jaw pain, no eye pressure, no severe fatigue, no nosebleeds. I feel like I've been given a new chance at life, and I don't know how I'll ever really express my gratitude. Dr. Burchhardt is an experienced, talented surgeon who has a way of making you feel like she's known you her whole life…


Dr. Burchhardt took years off my face and neck by performing a deep plane facelift and forehead lift. Her surgical skills are exemplary! She is intuitive and honest. She will ascertain what result you desire and discuss the possibilities. I would highly recommend her!


Wonderful Surgeon.
Dr. Burchhardt is wonderful! I’ve had eye filler and Botox done by her in the past and I’ve always been pleased with the outcome. I’m about one week post op from my buccal fat removal and chin sculpting and although I am not fully healed yet, my results look amazing! I cannot wait to see the actual end results. She is an amazing surgeon, she will take the extra time to understand what exactly you are looking for in terms of end results. I was a little nervous about doing this procedure under local anesthesia but she made sure I was comfortable throughout the whole procedure. I’m truly grateful for Dr. Burchhardt.


Kind, easy to work with, transparent, affordable, and most importantly, performs quality work.
Working with Dr. Burchhardt was a dream. She is kind, easy to work with, transparent, affordable, and most importantly, performs quality work. Getting this procedure done was one of the best decisions I’ve made. If I could have changed anything, I only wish I would’ve done it sooner!


6 months out after my surgery and the results are amazing.
Dr. Burchhardt is the epitome of professionalism while being one of the most kind and empathetic doctors I’ve met. In addition to her great listening skills, she’s also highly qualified and experienced …


Nose is natural, pretty & functional after septorhinoplasty.
Dr. Burchhardt is a miracle worker and I’m so grateful to have gone to her for my septorhinoplasty. I went to Dr. Burchhardt back in November 2021 as I was having trouble breathing through my nose and also wanted to take down my dorsal hump. I had consulted with multiple different surgeons and decided on Dr. Burchhardt as she was the most genuine, attentive and realistic about surgery. It was overall a pretty easy process, it sometimes felt as if the staff was a little unfriendly but I was also very nervous for my surgery and perhaps extra sensitive. Regardless, my results and outcome from Dr. Burchhardt’s work have been incredible. The aesthetic appearance of my nose is so much better and fits my face perfectly, people can’t even tell that I’ve had work done but I’ve been getting so many compliments on my appearance since surgery. It’s natural, pretty and most importantly functional. My nose is better than what I expected, and it’s made such a difference with my sleep and wellbeing. I definitely would refer Dr. Burchhardt to anyone looking to have cosmetic/functional surgery done.


Highly Recommend - truly exceptional throughout the whole process.
Dr. Burchhardt was amazing and guided me through every step of the process, from start to finish. Surgery and recovery were both a breeze because I was well-equipped with all the how-to's prior, and Dr. Burchhardt made sure to let me know she was just a call away if I needed anything at all. She was truly exceptional throughout the whole process, not to mention how in love with my results I am. I would highly highly recommend her to all, she has truly become a friend throughout this entire journey along with her amazing staff.


So incredibly happy with my results.
I am so happy that I made the decision to go with Dr. Burchhardt for my septoplasty/rhinoplasty. I wanted to wait about a year before doing a review and I can tell you that she really made this dream come true. I had wanted this surgery for a long time and I was extremely nervous, but she made me feel comfortable. I can breathe so well now, and that has been life changing. It’s made a huge difference in the way I sleep, exercise, etc. Speaking aesthetically, I’m also just as thrilled about my results. The results are extremely natural, more refined, and it’s just cute! Exactly what I wanted. My advice to anyone considering this surgery would be to get very clear on what you want and be patient. I have thicker skin, so it took a while before I really saw the results that I wanted to see, but I can see them now and I’m so happy and grateful! Dr. Burchhardt is just amazing!


3 months and the tip and sides of my bridge are more refined.
Dr. Burchhardt is one of the most patient, caring, and talented surgeons I’ve met. I had a rhinoplasty done in 2015 and it left my nose scarred, uneven, and caused me to be unable to breathe out of my left nostril. I sought out Dr. Burchhardt to make me feel more comfortable in my own skin and breathe properly. I went into this procedure knowing it won’t be perfect and she surpassed my expectation. I am an RN and know what happens during elective surgery. She answered every question and reassured me every step of the way …


I have never been able to breathe better in my life.
Dr. Burchhardt is amazing! She is so calming, knowledgeable, and skilled at what she does. I have never been able to breathe better in my life and I owe that to her! Dr. Burchhardt values her patients, and takes the time to answer any questions and concerns in a way that makes you feel so comfortable. She is awesome!


She boosted my confidence and helped me actually be able to breathe.
Could not have had a better experience. Dr.Burchhardt is incredible! She listened to every concern I had, made the process smooth and comfortable, ensured every decision I made was an informed one, and ultimately helped me become much happier. Dr. Burchhardt not only helped me actually be able to breathe, but was able to boost my confidence and overall well being at an indescribable level. I could not recommend anyone more! 🙂


Clear, Concise, Caring, and A Good Listener.
Dr Burchhardt is clear, concise, caring, and a good listener. My procedure and its result took all my concerns and the original problems I came to address into account. It takes a lot of trust to allow a doctor to operate; in my experience, Dr Burchhardt is worthy of that trust.


10 out of 10 Would Recommend to a Friend.
I loved having Dr. Burchhardt as my ENT! I had a septoplasty and rhinoplasty. I had shopped around for an ENT before landing with Dr. Burchhardt, and I am so happy I did so. Dr. Burchhardt was attentive and patient with anything I would bug her about, pre or post op. She was very thoughtful to any and all of my concerns, which I really valued. I had major anxiety about the whole procedure, being a black woman, and going under with a white physician, as there are so many horror stories of the mismanagement of black women in healthcare. Dr. Burchhardt was super understanding of this and made sure that I felt comfortable every step of the way. She also listened to the importance for me to keep how ethnic my nose looked and to not do too much with the rhinoplasty. Overall, I was super happy with my experience with Dr. Burchhardt and even recommended her to my roommate for her septoplasty! …


Struck the perfect balance and am thrilled with the results 18 months later.
Dr. B is a true professional. She has the mind and perspective of a specialized medical surgeon and the soul of an artist and the heart of a healer. I was nervous about layering on a cosmetic procedure atop of my nasal structural work, and she struck the perfect balance and am thrilled with the results 18 months later.


Everything is sorted and looking beautiful too.
From the first visit to the last everything was clearly explained and the results were amazing for me. Had problems with breathing and cosmetic wise my nose was tilted on one side. With the help of Dr. Daniela everything now is sorted and looking beautiful too.
Thank you Dr. Daniela and the team!


Professional and caring doctor - fast procedure and great recovery.
I loved my experience. She was very good at explaining step by step. … I would go back to her for more surgeries in the future. She’s professional and very nice and caring doctor.


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